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Preparing Layouts for the Printshop

The conversion of documents into the TIFF format guarantees high printing quality and simplifies work with printshops and publishers

Printing leaflets and brochures is routine work for any company. However, dealing with printshops can turn out to be extremely tiring because of technical difficulties connected with the absence of required fonts or software.

The company fCoder Group, Inc. proposes converting documents and vector original layouts into the TIFF format with the aid of Universal Document Converter. The use of TIFF files reduces your dealings with the printshop to sending tasks by e-mail and receiving the finished product by the due date.

Benefits of the TIFF format for the printshop and publisher:

  • Reliability. The TIFF format preserves documents in a 素rozen form・ This allows them to not only be printed without any alterations, but also protects them from accidental changes.
  • Document integrity. For displaying graphical TIFF files you don't need any additional fonts, while the correct printing of blocks of text does not depend on the local settings of the operating system.
  • Compatibility. The printshop and publisher prefer to receive materials in the TIFF format. This format is an international standard for the exchange of electronic documents and images; therefore, there are programs for working with TIFF files at any printshop.

Benefits of Universal Document Converter:

  • High resolution. Universal Document converter allows you to create graphical files with a resolution of up to 2,400 DPI. This is more than sufficient for high quality printing of original layouts with the highest level of detail.
  • Work with large format materials. Universal Document Converter can convert documents of any size, ranging from business cards up to large drawings or even advertising billboards.
  • Support for multipage documents. With the aid of Universal Document Converter you are able to not only convert documents into TIFF, but unite several different documents into one multipage TIFF file
  • Ease of use. Universal Document Converter is installed as a virtual printer. Therefore exporting a document of any type into a graphical file is as easy as printing on a desktop printer.
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