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Presentation Creation

Universal Document Converter reduces your expenses for preparing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

Inserting drawings and photographs into presentations is a regular procedure since Microsoft PowerPoint easily handles graphical files. The use of diagrams, schemes or technical drawings is frequently required, but occurs less often due to the complication inherent in transferring such documents onto slides.

The company fCoder Group, Inc. proposes using Universal Document Converter for exporting documents of any type into JPEG or PNG. The resulting images can be easily inserted into your PowerPoint presentations.

Benefits of using images in presentations:

  • Freedom from routine. During the design of presentations, you don't have to redo already existing schemes and diagrams since they can be exported into a graphical file and inserted onto a slide.
  • Universal approach. Certain specialized programs do not possess the functionality of OLE-Automation. Therefore, it is not possible to insert a document made with such a program onto a slide as an OLE-object. The only way to include it into a presentation is to export it into a graphical file.
  • Data protection. The placement of one page of a document onto a slide with the aid of OLE-technology does not block access to the whole document. Insert a graphical copy of the page and you prevent the leakage of data if the presentation CD is used as handout material at exhibitions and conferences.

Benefits of Universal Document Converter:

  • Illustration quality. The quality of illustrations obtained with the help of Universal Document Converter is of a much higher quality than screenshots of documents made, for example, using PrintScreen technology. In addition, you save time necessary for cleaning the borders of the image from elements of the interface of the office program.
  • Efficiency. Instead of printing documents on a desktop printer and scanning them to receive graphical file, Universal Document Converter can be used. This not only improves the quality of illustrations, but also economizes your time and expenses on expendable materials.
  • Ease of use. Universal Document Converter is installed as a virtual printer. Therefore, exporting documents of any type into a graphical file is as simple as printing them on a desktop printer.
Presentations Creation

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