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Converting Visio Diagrams to TIFF

' 1) Microsoft Visio 2000 or above should be installed and activated on your PC.
' 2) Universal Document Converter 5.2 or above should be installed, too.
' 3) Open your project in Microsoft Visual Basic.NET.
' 4) In Visual Basic main menu press "Project->Add Reference...".
' 5) In "Add Reference" window go to "COM" tab and double click into
'    "Universal Document Converter Type Library".
Private Sub PrintVisioToTIFF(ByVal strFilePath As String)
    ' Define constants
    Const visOpenRW = &H20
    Const visOpenDontList = &H8
    Const visPrintAll = 0
    Dim objUDC As UDC.IUDC
    Dim itfPrinter As UDC.IUDCPrinter
    Dim itfProfile As UDC.IProfile
    Dim objVisioApp As Object
    Dim itfDrawing As Object
    Dim AppDataPath As String
    Dim ProfilePath As String    
    ' Use Universal Document Converter API to change settings of converterd document
    objUDC = New UDC.APIWrapper
    itfPrinter = objUDC.Printers("Universal Document Converter")
    itfProfile = itfPrinter.Profile
    ' Load profile located in folder "%APPDATA%\UDC Profiles".
    ' Value of %APPDATA% variable should be received using Environment.GetFolderPath method.
    ' Or you can move default profiles into a folder you prefer.          
    AppDataPath = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData)
    ProfilePath = Path.Combine(AppDataPath, "UDC Profiles\Drawing to TIFF.xml")            
    itfProfile.OutputLocation.Mode = UDC.LocationModeID.LM_PREDEFINED
    itfProfile.OutputLocation.FolderPath = "C:\Out"
    itfProfile.PostProcessing.Mode = UDC.PostProcessingModeID.PP_OPEN_FOLDER
    ' Run Microsoft Visio as COM-server
    On Error Resume Next
    objVisioApp = CreateObject("Visio.Application")
    objVisioApp.Visible = False
    ' Open drawing from file
    itfDrawing = objVisioApp.Documents.OpenEx(strFilePath, visOpenRW And visOpenDontList)
    ' Change Drawing preferences for scaling it to page
    itfDrawing.PrintCenteredH = True
    itfDrawing.PrintCenteredV = True
    itfDrawing.PrintFitOnPages = True
    ' Print drawing
    itfDrawing.Printer = "Universal Document Converter"
    ' Close drawing
    itfDrawing.Saved = True
    itfDrawing = Nothing
    ' Close Microsoft Visio
    Call objVisioApp.Quit()
    objVisioApp = Nothing
End Sub

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