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David Marion, GIS & CADD department of City of Mississauga

Mississauga is the 6th Canada's largest city with population about 800,000. Mississauga is good developed city ranked #1 in GTA for management and handing of the local economy. It is a home of the largest Canadian international airport.

David Marion, Manager in GIS & CADD department of City of Mississauga, said on June 2, 2004:

The City of Mississauga uses Universal Document Converter to reproduce high quality GIF images for our web portal. We use Bentley Systems MicroStation to produce street maps for the City and have found that the quality of GIF images, as exported from MicroStation, gave us a poor reproduction of the fidelity of the base map data. With Universal Document Converter we redirect MicroStation's printout to GIF and are able to have an expected quality in a GIF file.


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