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Hassow Drews, BHF-BANK

BHF-BANK is one of Germany's most prestigious private banks. Its roots date back to the year 1854. As an advisory, service and sales & trading bank, we offer our discerning clientele a comprehensive array of customised solutions.

Hassow Drews from BHF-BANK said on June 2, 2004:

As a division we support our company as well as our subsidiaries with archive facilities. For that purpose, we are operating TOPAS, an IBM-HOST based archive with multifarious interfaces. So in winter 2004 there was a subtask to provide about 2,500 Microsoft-Word-Objekt to a part of our clients. Due to the fact that the archive-client doesn't support Microsoft Word documents, we decided to convert them into an usual archive format, the TIF-Format. We look for a tool to do this job. My internet research showed several tools, the second I tested was Universal Document Converter. Functionality and batch-processing, handling and performance were well capable. So I ordered the production release in Febr. 2004 and we did the job without any problems.


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